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TesLa Associates is an ISO 9001:2015 and PASARA certified company focus on leading integrated security services company focused on delivering state of art high-end technology-driven security services to BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Logistics & Transportation and Construction verticals.


Our mission is to secure the assets of sites by close monitoring through the remote electronic surveillance system in our global control room equipped with advanced RMS. We have established the Rapid Response team in the field for preventing intrusion or theft attempt. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from law enforcement, military &paramilitary services, and IT management personnel.


We would be a partner to all of our clients for delivering world-class security services, TeSLA would be a single stop security solution for organizations like DPW. We provide physical security to Information Security services for our clients. TeSLA invests in building strong trusted partnerships for a long-lasting business relationship which would help our clients to achieve their goals.






TesLa laid out a unique recruitment process for evaluating the right security guard for our clients spread across India. TesLa follows “virtual bench” strategy for quickly ramping up guards at any locations, Our database does have shortlisted and TesLa trained resumes of candidates who can join us in short span of time. We deploy these trained Security Guards at our client premises for 24X7 operations.


TGSC - TesLaGlobal Surveillance Centre


Our state of Global Surveillance center is located in the capital of Kerala with advanced technology infrastructure which is capable of monitoring large organizations across the globe. We offer CCTV monitoring with the latest Artificial Intelligence software solution which can automate most of the processes.





TRRTTesLa’s Rapid Response Team


Our RRT teams are focused to deliver quick action to protect client’s assets, RRT teamwork in a below-mentioned way. The Size of RRT team, as well as patrolling mode, would be decided by clients.


  • RRT based at a Centre point location and Sync up with Control room for attending intrusion or burglary

  • Our control room remotely monitor client CCTV OR act as Point of Contact (PoC)  for acting upon client’s instructions





TesLaNightOwl is a unique service extended to our clients for inspecting, monitoring and for making sure that all the assets are intact. Our night patrolling team physically visit clients facility in different timings as per the control room’s daily instructions. The team size and mode of operations could be fine-tuned as per clients requirements.

TISSTesLa Implanted Staffing Services


We offer our control room executives/guards who would be implanted along with clients employees but they will be in our rolls. All our staff will be reporting and working with the client’s team.

TPS3- TesLa Personal Security Staffing Services


Our deep industry knowledge and associations with clients, Tesla became one of the best security services provider in India. We do have a detailed understanding of the security worries and threats which can be related to the safety of VIP's, celebrities, companies and enterprise key personalities. Tesla is able to address all such worries with our specialized service offerings and professional private bodyguards.

Tesla Bodyguards takes care of our client's safety in public events and unwanted situations through professionally trained Personal Security officers from abroad. We employ extremely physically fit trained bodyguards from different parts of the world.

TISMS - TesLa Information Security Management Security

Tesla offers Managed Security services through its consultants for making sure that clients “Information Security” is up to the standards and safety.


We provide

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Enterprise Security

  • Application Security

  • Security Audit

  • Vigilance Team for Information Security audit


TSIS - Tesla System Integration Services


We supply and install most advanced security/alarm systems from reputed OEMs for our most valued customers.